For Baldwin’s unique brand of education to thrive for another 130 years, a strong endowment is a critical and essential prerequisite. Gifts to endowment unlock unprecedented opportunity for our students, today and for decades to come.

Invested in perpetuity, the endowment secures our long-term stability, while contributing to Baldwin’s continued growth as an educational leader and providing the resources needed to respond to unexpected needs and challenges. A robust, ever-growing endowment ensures that future generations of Baldwin girls will grow to be extraordinary Baldwin women.

Financial Objective

Our goal is to steadily grow our endowment so we can become less reliant on tuition for general operating expenses and ensure a more secure financial future for the School.
“Endowments are a symbol of trust. They are a commitment to our School, to each other, and to future generations of Baldwin girls with the power to transform society. Invested wisely, gifts to the endowments grow into something far greater than what any individual can give alone which enables us to meet the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.”

Baldwin's 8th Head of School

“We considered many ways to make a significant gift to Baldwin. We chose endowment because we realized the best way to show how grateful my wife and I are for the education our girls are receiving is to help make this excellence available to future families.”

TOM BACHRACH (P ’29 ’31)
“I was surprised to learn how historically under-resourced girls’ schools are as it pertains to endowments, and realized it was our responsibility as alumnae to change that picture for our alma mater.  We need to be there for future generations of exceptional young women in the same way others supported us.”