The Baldwin School Archives collection includes photos, documents, ephemera and memorabilia, dating from 1888 through the present day. The collection reveals fascinating details about the education of young women in the United States; the history of Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia and the Main Line; and the architecture of the magnificent 1892 Frank Furness Bryn Mawr Hotel (later the Residence of the School).

The Baldwin School Archives’ primary purpose is to document and preserve The Baldwin School history - including the history and significance of the building itself - providing source material for administrators, faculty, students, alumnae and members of the School community, as well as scholars, authors, researchers and other persons interested in the impact of the School and its graduates on local, regional and national history. 

Our Archive collection has been utilized for several academic research projects, including looking through a microlens at Baldwin life during the 1920s for the Roaring Twenties English elective; writing historical vignettes from the perspective of turn of the 20th Century women for the Honors U.S. History class; manipulating photos to give them a modern twist for the Digital Photography class; and creating a nonfiction book about the Baldwin cherry blossom trees for 5th grade Humanities.

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