At Baldwin, we seek to provide the richest learning experience for our girls. We focus on how girls learn best and what girls need to thrive. We want every girl to reach her full potential.

From Pre-K through Grade 12, we create confident and resilient learners who take pride in their work, challenge themselves to learn more and develop a curiosity about the world around them. Girls will experience the thrill of scientific discovery, the joy of reading, the triumph of overcoming challenges and the satisfaction of seeing their own creations performed and displayed around the School.

Our world-class faculty cultivate an environment that supports our girls in their learning process, challenging them to tap into their interests, take risks and collaborate with others. They provide unique opportunities for our girls to learn beyond the classroom through programs and partnerships with the broader community and they bring their expertise into the curriculum through a range of elective courses and co-curricular opportunities. Explore our rich curriculum at all levels of the School and see what amazing opportunities our girls have to enrich their lives and learn to lead in their communities and the world.